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8 Fitness & Health Tips For 2018

Tiehu Clarke

Posted on May 20 2018

#NewYearNewYou - A new year means another set of 365 days to keep fit and take care of your health and well-being. The holidays has ended that means that getting in shape for the new year should be your number one goal without excuses.  It is customer for us to make new years resolutions and then during the year we get somewhat complacent and forget the hard work and enthusiasm we started the year with. What is important to do during this time of renewed life style change is to ensure that you are accountable and to stay motivated is track your success.  In fact, we should maintain or even upgrade our healthy lifestyle for more activities and goals to accomplish.
But like anything, there are trends that become popular and sometimes used-to-be trends that go out of style. Surely enough, the year 2018 will have a lot more in store for us that can help us reach our fitness goals or just make our weekend routines more fun and healthy.
We scoured the internet and found the top 8 health trends you can try and enjoy for yourself this coming year!
1. Flour alternatives
Last year a lot of flour alternatives have hit mainstream like almond and coconut flour, but more variants will rise like banana flour, chickpea flower, and all others that are less starchy, easily digestible, and high fiber.

2. Root Vegetables
Although they made a comeback last 2017, roots will still be popular this 2018. Who wouldn’t love them? They’re easy to cook – just sauté them in a pan with oil and seasoning and you’ve got a healthy meal!
3. Intermittent Fasting
Many have sworn by this trick in 2017 but experts think this might go mainstream this year. A cycle of fasting and non-fasting, this trend greatly improves metabolism. But be sure to check with doctors and nutritionists before you try drastic diet changes!
4. Play-focused exercise
Regular and traditional exercise is still and will always be effective, but exercise trend this 2018 are leaning towards the fun and playful kind. Nothing beats breaking a sweat while having fun.
5. Live-streaming exercise
Through many advancements in technology, even exercise can taught online! You can sign up to classes and just be in the comfort of your home working out. Less hassle and less people to deal with.

Photo taken from: Kodjoworkout
6. Boxing
A trend that started a few years back, boxing will still continue to reign the arena and gym as more and more people are empowered with the idea and sport of punching bags.
7. Exercising with pets
Finally, a trend that involves our furry pets! People are trying their best to integrate and combine the two loves of their life: pets and exercise. It’s a perfect combination of keeping up a healthy lifestyle while hanging bonding with pets.
8. DNA Testing for performance
This trend of DNA testing has gone far more than just connecting family trees, rather it also connects your genealogy with your health and fitness habits. Doing everything possible to maximize the fitness journey.

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