(Exercise To Shift Your Food Psychology)

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Your Primary Task: Exercises to Shift Your Food Pscyhology

Have you ever eat something and thought to yourself "This doesn't taste or sit well with me or may be feel bloated? Well! that has happen to me tons of times. I start thinking my body is rejecting this food or is talking to me "I am eating something that's doesn't agree with my body.  Now people will tell you Oh! "food is food" I would like to agree with that statement but, unfortunately there are some many chemical and preservatives that are  added to food these days that doesn't make it all pure.  In this article Marc David will provide some honest and thoughtful insights on eating psychology exercise: Think Nutritionally.  He will provide ways in which you can transform your thoughts and feelings that suppress metabolism and limit happiness. Your primary task is to identify thoughts that drain energy and replace them with thoughts that gain energy. Think of this as a new beginning in how you use your mind and your own positive food psychology to support your highest intentions.

1. Eating Psychology Exercise: Think Nutritionally

With pen and paper, take an inventory of the most common thoughts you repeat to yourself about eating, nutrition, and your body. These are the one-liners that together form your nutritional psychology and relationship with food and that ultimately help or hinder metabolism. Use the following questions to help guide you in your inventory. Be specific and thorough in your answers.

What do you tell yourself when you’re eating?

What do you expect food to do for you?

What nutritional rules do you feel strongly about?

Which foods are on your good list?

Which foods constitute your bad list?

What are your rules about health, weight, and longevity?

What are your fears about health, weight, and longevity?

Is food your enemy or your ally, or is it a combination of the two?

Some examples of typical one-liners about food are these:

Food makes me fat.

Hunger is bad.

I don’t deserve to enjoy food.

If I eat what I want, I won’t be able to stop.

Eating should make me happy and thin.

These vitamins are good for me.

Salt is bad for my blood pressure.

Salads are healthy.

Wine is good.

Wine is bad.

Any food containing fat is bad.

And so on.

Next, look over your list and put a check next to the thoughts that empower your metabolism and an X next to the ones that diminish it. A metabolically empowering thought encourages openness, possibility, and a joyous life experience. This is what we call positive eating psychology or positive food psychology. An energy-draining thought feels heavy and limiting and is designed to lead us into self-judgment.

Next, replace the energy-draining thoughts with metabolically inspiring ones. For example, if your thought was Eating is a frustrating affair, your new thought might be I am nourished by food. If your thought was Food makes me fat, your new thought would be I let go of my fears about weight. If your thought was Ice cream is bad, your new thought could be Ice cream is something I can either choose to eat or choose not to eat. Made wisely, either choice can support my metabolism. Other positive and energy-enhancing positive food psychology thoughts include these: I trust in the wisdom of my body; I welcome my desire for food; I let go of punishing myself for eating ‘bad’ foods; and I choose to relax about eating. Your job is to let new and inspiring thoughts abundantly inhabit your inner airwaves each day. Affirm these new thoughts as you eat. Repeat them to yourself before bed. Catch yourself when you think otherwise and compassionately make a correction within. In general, this week let go of all moralistic concepts of good food and bad food and allow the wisdom of your body to determine what is best for you.

Closely monitor your thoughts and your nutritional psychology as you would the intake of food on a strict diet. And rather than let your thoughts think you, choose to claim the power to control your mental landscape. To the best of your ability, release all negative thinking about food, weight, and body. Stop the flow of toxic chemicals created by your inner pharmacy through fearful thoughts. Freedom and vitality will surely follow.

Article: Written By Marc David 

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