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(What You Should Know About Muscle Growth)

Tiehu Clarke

Posted on February 24 2018

What is the most effective way to build muscle growth people sometimes ask? Well do you think about it or maybe did you try something for it? This is one of the most popular and discussed topics today in the spheres of health and fitness area. You will find that women sometimes who are working or training their bodies for muscle building if not educated about health and wellness will ran away from lifting weights because they are afraid that the will become massive.

This a myth and far from factual. The reality is, if someone is training to gain  muscle growth and wants to lose fat, there are a series of steps to take to achieve muscle mass, for example eating the right foods that is good for your body and that is nutritious to building muscle like proteins such as eggs are commonly used for protein, you want to stick to lean protein that is good for your for your body type and building muscle.  I am a strong believer in eating the right foods for weight loss and building body muscle. The fact of the matter is, everyone has their own opinion about the health and fitness. There are people who prefer weight training and others who prefer cardio exercises. 

In fact, whether a person prefers weight training, cardio exercise, there are some common denominators that causes weight gain. Some people gain weight quite easily and others not so, there are still a number of factors that could determine why this happens.  We know that genetics is a huge factor, eating the wrong foods, eating late night eating, eating and going to sleep.  Here is the truth, if a person wants to lose weight and gain muscle it is important to abandon all of the unhealthy habits and foods, like the ones I mentioned.  Interestingly, some athletes can eat the wrong foods and still burn fat, because of their body's metabolism and genetics. To achieve muscle growth following the proper nutrition is important, controlling proteins and carbohydrates intake.  Also, try  getting a good night sleep, decreasing daily stressors and try morning meditation that will help you on your journey of building muscle mass.  

Lastly, you are created for greatness and you must believe in yourself and don't be afraid of changes which essentially are sometimes inevitable. 


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