The Psychology of food

Thinking of getting in shape exercising more but just don't know what to eat or where to find the right information that will help you on your journey fitter, healthier you for 2018. Get health and fitness tips and tricks for living your best life with articles from David Driscoll  in this article he explains how to determine what to consume, both in terms of food and information.  It is helpful to have a standard with which to judge the effects of our choices. For food, it is helpful to have a sense of what it feels like to be truly healthy. It is possible to feel what the food you eat is doing to you when the senses of your body are restored to a natural equilibrium. But what kind of standard should we use for the mind?

“Feeding” the brain with positive, healthy information, in much the same way that you would feed your body healthy food, might well be the key to many of our problems. And as science is increasingly proving, the healthiest information for the brain is that which resonates with self-worth, self-respect, and an appreciation for our interconnectedness as human beings. This kind of natural state develops when we are awakened to our own value through our brains.